CH Vinla's Right Recipe For Deluxe

CH Vinla's L.A. Ink

Tacy Lynn, Deluxe Silence Is Golden, has points toward her championship and will be back in the ring later this year to follow in her brother Simon's pawsteps. Chances are she will never follow brother Ory's lead into Obedience...

Ch Beowulf Deluxe Just Got Made
"Bianca" ~ 15"
Breeders & Co-owners: Terri Giannetti and Ted Swedalla

Ch Deluxe You're The One
"Simon" - 15"
Simon finished on his first birthday with back-to-back four-point majors handled by Ron!.

Ch Deluxe Best Foot Forward
"Tootsie" ~ 13"

Tootsie finished her Championship on December 14, 2008!

Theodore and Julie
Deluxe The Adorable
"Therodore" ~ 15"
Theodore is now has a loving home with Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Miller in Kansas City.
Ch Deluxe Bunny Face
"Phantom" - 15"

Phantom is loved and owned by Jean Strong and Joe Reid in New York.
Ch Deluxe Take the Bunny & Run
"Thunder" - 13"
Thunder finished at eight months and one day of age -- from the 6 to 9 puppy class!
Thunder has a wonderful home with Wendy Wyatt and Peter Loos in New Jersey.
Ch Deluxe The Color of Bunny TD
"Ben" - 15"
Ben finished his championship with back-to-back four and five point majors while going undefeated in the Open Dog class. Congratulations to "Team Ben" -- owner Mary Reusser and handler, Nancy Arther and all Ben's fans in the Midwest.
Ben becomes the first Deluxe Beagle with a title at both ends of his name. Thanks to Mary Reusser for this tremendous accomplishment!
Ch Deluxe One for the Bunny
"Lightning" - 15"

Lightning retires (temporarily) from the show ring with his appearance at the December 2009 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in Long Beach. He will be preparing for his career in Tracking and, possibly, Rally and will be back in the show ring in 2012 -- as a Veteran. Meanwhile, he will also be rooting on his kids as they make their debut in conformation shows later in 2010.
Ch Deluxe One More Time
"Spooner" - 15"
Sally Ann
Ch Deluxe Sally Forth to Blumoon
"Sally Ann" - 13"

Sara Grace
Ch Deluxe Grace & Favor
"Sara Grace" - 13"
Choo Choo
Ch Beowulf Darling Diva Deluxe
"Choo Choo" - 13"
bred by S. Terri Giannetti & Ted Swedalla
Choo Choo is loved by the Passman family in New Jersey.
Valerie Ann
Ch Deluxe One For the Books
"Valerie Ann" - 15"
Ch Deluxe Once In a Blumoon
"George" - 13"
Ch Deluxe One In a Million
"Uno" - 15"
Ch K-Run Class Act
"Tux" - 15"
Tux is now owned and loved by the Ennis family in New Jersey.
Ch Deluxe Comin' Up Roses
"Rosalie" - 13"
(our first Bred-By Exhibitor Champion)
Deluxe Art of the Deal
"Dash" - 13"
(Ron's Beagle)
Ch Villager's How's Trix
"Trixie" - 13"
Hershey Sue
Ch Wright-Eager Unforgettable
"Hershey Sue" - 13"
Hershey Sue has a wonderful home with the Dobias family in New Jersey.
Good Mom Sassy!
Ch Villager Shirtrai MSB Haven'
"Sassy" - 13"
co-owned with Carole Hinegardner
and Shirley Trainer
Our First Beagle
Lindsay Ann
Ch Shaw's Deluxe Call to Glory
"Lindsay Ann" - 15"

April 29, 1997 ~ February 14, 2012

It is with the deepest sadness that we write to tell you of the loss of our wonderful Lindsay Ann Lux, Ch Shaw's Deluxe Call To Glory. Lindsay passed away on Valentine’s Day and in so many ways took our hearts with her. Lindsay Ann was and is "the first Beagle of Deluxe" and we will be eternally grateful for the joy, love and happiness that she brought into our lives for nearly 15 years. Our thanks to Peggy and John Shaw who shared her with us. Ron and I will never forget the day we went to the Shaw's in Illinois to bring Lindsay Ann home, what a great day that was-and the first of so many, many cherished memories with "Miss Wiggles La Tour".

Lindsay is survived by her three champion children, Uno, Valerie and George, eight grandchildren, seven of them champions and one a grand champion and one champion great-grandchild (so far).

While nearly 15 years is a long life for a beagle, it is not nearly long enough for us and we miss Lindsay so very much. While each loss of one of our dear dogs is painful, Ron said that Lindsay was the hardest of all our dogs to lose for him and for me, Lindsay is the hardest to write about as well because words just can't do her justice. Lindsay Ann was quite simply our hearts and we are so fortunate to have had the pleasure of her company.

To the right are just a few photos from Lindsay's full and, we hope, happy life. We pray that she knows how much she was and always will be loved.


Julie, Ron, Uno, Valerie Ann, George and all the Deluxe Hounds
Lindsay Ann's 1st Fun Match Group 1
Lindsay Ann WB/BOW
Lindsay Ann at the National Beagle Club show
Lindsay Ann "Wiggles" at rest
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