1. Your Name, Address, City, State, Zip:


 Phone Number:


2. Have you had dogs before? Yes  No

If so, what breed(s)?

Did they live with you their entire live? Yes No

How long did they live? 

If they did not live with you their entire lives, what was the reason?


3. What are your expectations for a beagle? 

Companion     Conformation    Performance Competition


4. Do you have a fenced yard? Yes No


5. Where will your beagle sleep?


6. Is someone at home during the day or part of the day?


6. Do you have gender preference?   male  female?


7. Do you have children? Yes No

If so, what ages?


8. Do you have other pets in your home? Yes No

Please describe:

If so, do you have a regular veterinarian?

Please describe:


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